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Natural Farming
|Healthy and tasty | Taiwan Fine Tea

The plantation of tea trees are under “Natural Farming” by tea farmers in Taiwan. No any chemical fertilizers or pesticides are applied, neither is weed killer. Weeding and harvesting are conducted manually. No artificial flavors or sweets are added during roasting.
The so called “Traditional Farming” (using chemical fertilizers、pesticides、weed killer etc.) causes not only the soil polluted and acidified, but also the groundwater contaminated. Directly or indirectly, we humans and all living kinds (includes: animals、fishes、birds and plants) are endangered by those poisons.

Although natural farming is harder working and less volume in the beginning;and all products are examined on a regular basis for chemical and heavy metal residue. (unit = ppm). For the health of human and earth,we believe it is valuable way not only to supply healthy teas for human but also to be an Eco-friendly provider!