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Personal Care

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FLUXTREE Natural Soap
|Essential Oil|Handmade|Low Temperature Process|
Many additives can cause allergic reactions of skin and the respiratory system or even pollute the nature. Such as curing agents, paraffin wax, antiseptic, artificial colors, strong acids, fragrance, fixing agents, petroleum compounds, mineral oil, emulsifiers, animal fats, surfactants, foaming agents, stearic acid, and fluorescent agents.

Unlike some other soap makers, FLUXTREE Natural Soap does not use the "soap substrate" nor add any additives that are used in usual soap mentioned above.
FLUXTREE Natural Soap uses fresh oils which are very high quality treated as Food gradeand Make-up grade! We use 100% natural essential oils that is pure and without extra fragrances and fixing agents. Our soap is good for skin and hair cleaning and will not cause allergic reactions of skin and the respiratory system of human body. Besides, our soaps do no harm to the environment!

Natural Soap is made under low temperature, so that the nutrients and glycerin can be preserved. It takes four to six weeks for the complete processes. Many kinds of soaps we purchase in markets or stores are not natural nor handmade, but hot and mass produced by machines and added with various artificial chemicals. Therefore the total cost of such chemical soap in material、labor and time are much less. But, it is not skin-friendly、not hair-friendly, nor Eco-friendly too.